diamonds = pd.read_csv(DATA_DIR / "diamonds.csv")

Prices of 50,000 round cut diamonds


A dataset containing the prices and other attributes of almost 54,000 diamonds. The variables are as follows:


A data frame with 53940 rows and 10 variables:

Column Description
price price in US dollars ($326–$18,823)
carat weight of the diamond (0.2–5.01)
cut quality of the cut (Fair, Good, Very Good, Premium, Ideal)
color diamond colour, from J (worst) to D (best)
clarity a measurement of how clear the diamond is (I1 (worst), SI1, SI2, VS1, VS2, VVS1, VVS2, IF (best))
x length in mm (0–10.74)
y width in mm (0–58.9)
z depth in mm (0–31.8)
depth total depth percentage = z / mean(x, y) = 2 * z / (x + y) (43–79)
table width of top of diamond relative to widest point (43–95)